Goals and Objectives for DAV Chapter 16 – 2017


  1. Increase membership by 100 members:
    1. Develop a professional/user friendly web site detailing chapter history, chapter activities, chapter highlights.
    2. Advertise web site
    3. Establish membership table at Golden corral
    4. Visit local nursing homes and adult day care centers quarterly.
    5. Grow relationships with veteran coordinators at local colleges and universities.
    6. Develop relationships with local National Guard and reserve units.
    7. Further relationships and activities at the Veterans Administration Medical Center.
    8. Set up a permanent site at the DAV “Trift” Store for member recruitment/and chapter information.
  2. Increase membership participation by 500%
    1. Develop a professional/user friendly web site detailing chapter activities.
    2. Further develop social media outlets
    3. Advertise web site.
    4. Monthly email newsletter to all members with established email addresses
    5. Use paid advertisement/flyers highlight the chapter and the chapter’s resource center.
    6. Revise budget to allocate funding for chapter member activities other than just chapter meetings and/or executive board meeting
    7. Explore alter days and times for chapter meetings and executive board meetings that may be attractive to working members and younger members.
    8. Research probability of establishing remote chapter meetings in other communities within our defined area.
    9. Proactive engagement in public affairs, and in veteran issues.
    10. Utilization of all available local media.
    11. Expand membership committee to include issues of membership committee.
    12. Expand Budget Committee to include Commander, Adjutant, 1 Vice Commander, and one ad hoc chapter member.
    13. Suggested activities to enhance member participation:
            i.Quarterly potlucks lunches and/or dinners
           ii. Spring/summer BBQ’s
           iii. Quarterly dinners for E-Board members and exceptional/outstanding chapter members.
      Incentive awards for high participation
            v. Mileage reimbursement for designated chapter activities.


  1. Establish Fund Raising Committee
             a.The committee will develop quarterly fundraising events to support the Chapter General Operating Fund and to supplement the          Service Fund as deemed necessary.
  2. One Forget-Me-Not Drive before and on Memorial Day in Prescott, Prescott Valley, and other communities as estimated by the committee to be effective.
  3. Chapter fund raising booths at the Prescott Rodeo and the Yavapai County Fair.
  4. Expand Veterans Appreciation Day at Golden Corral to Veterans appreciation week.
  5. Further utilize sound management principles to increase “Trift” Store income and to reduce “Trift” Store expenses.
  6. Other fund raising events as recommended by the funding committee.


  1. Continue current bimonthly activities at the CLC
  2. Continue monthly luncheon at the Golden Corral with CLC clients.
  3. Continue and expand veteran assistance programs that provide assistance for clothes, household items, furniture to veterans and their families that may be in need.
  4. Expand role in the VA Mental Health Advocacy Committee
  5. Initiate a visitation program to hospitalized veterans.
  6. Restart program to provide refreshments at the VA Hospital’s hospice units.
  7. Outreach to other VSO’s, treatment programs, or other community service organizations the availability of a meeting facility. Provide refreshments to these users.