Chapter 16 News Letter-4th Quarter Fiscal Year 2016-2017

Chapter Elections for the Fiscal Year 2017-2018 were held at the May Chapter meeting with the following results:

 Richard Null, Commander                            Karen Litt, Senior Vice Commander

Tom Hall, Junior Vice Commander           John Cousins,  Chaplin


Chapter Members Reappointed to the Executive Board:

Susan Allee, Adjutant                                 Alex Tufail, Treasurer

Dave Pfeifer, Chief of Staff

An Additional Officer Added to the Executive Board was Veterans Court Representative. This position will be filled by Walt Lynn.

Officers will be invested by the State of Arizona Commander at the June Chapter meeting on June 14, 2017 @ 1300 at the DAV Resource Center 337 N. Rush Street Prescott, AZ.  Your attendance would be greatly appreciated. Refreshments will be served.


Fiscal Year 2016-2017 Chapter Highlights

The Chapter’s primary goals for the fiscal year 2016-2017 were:

  1. Expand the Chapter’s visibility within its service area.
  2. Expand and enhance Chapter services within the Chapter’s area of operation.
  3. Increase and expand veteran outreach and veteran programs that enrich veteran well-being.

The following summary of Chapter Activity will support the accomplishment of these goals

The DAV thrift store, as always, remains the economic driver for the Chapter. Gross revenues for the fiscal year will be approximately $395,000.00. The store now employs 14 veterans, and salary expense accounts for over 50% of its gross revenue. The board’s decision to increase veteran employment, even at the risk of decreased profits, has resulted in over $170,000.00 being put back into the community, as well as providing veteran employment and financial security. Through store donations the Chapter still provides assistance to the Prescott Area Shelter Association (PASS), the Prescott School District, Veterans within the Community, Other Veterans Service Organizations (VSO), and the Prescott VAMC Domiciliary residents by providing emergency clothing, school supplies, or household items.

Through capital and management improvements the thrift store has expanded its pick-up and delivery capabilities, and now provides services to DAV Chapters 24, 8, and 1 in Maricopa County. This arrangement not only allows an outlet for donations to these chapters, but provides them with additional income.

The Chapter continues to provide housing for 12 veterans who were previously homeless or near homeless. Our most recent purchase has been dedicated to providing housing for female veterans.  Income from these investments provides revenue to operate the Chapter’s new resource center, which provides essential services to veterans 5 days per week. These services include:  a computer lab, employment and housing referrals, and resume writing assistance. Additionally, the veteran can obtain new or fresh clothing, if necessary, showers, and wash and dry their clothes.  The Chapter now serves in excess of 100 people monthly.

Prior to 2016 the Chapter did not have a Chapter Service Officer (CSO). As part of the Chapter objective to increase Chapter services the Chapter now has 3 Service Officers.  At least one CSO is available 5 days per week at the resource center.  And the Chapter now provides outreach services to the Prescott VAMC to assist the Department’s DSO. Outreach is also provided to the local vet center and to the newly formed veterans court.

The Chapter has expanded its outreach to the Prescott VAMC, and provides the following services at a cost to the Chapter in excess of $1,200.00/month:

  1. Horse Races/Bingo with refreshments bi-monthly at the CLC
  2. Monthly lunches for patients at the CLC at the local Golden Corral
  3. Maintaining a hospitality room at the hospital’s hospice unit.
  4. Providing gift certificates to the Golden Corral for family members who have loved ones in the hospice unit,
  5. Bi-monthly visits to every ward at the Prescott VAMC to check on veteran needs.

Finally, and with great pride, Chapter 16 was instrumental in bringing all the necessary parties together to form a veteran’s court here in Yavapai County. The court in now operational, and the Chapter is an integral part of the court. The Chapter Commander presides as the veteran mentor coordinator, and Chapter members provide mentoring services. Chapter facilities provide veterans in the court opportunities for community service, employment, housing, and other assistance as necessary.


Richard Null, RN, MSN
Disabled American Veterans
Department of Arizona
Commander, Prescott Chapter 16
Chapter Service Officer
Cell 928-713-7520
Chapter Email:
Chapter Web Site:
Chapter Cell: 928-756-2780