Expedition: You Are Not Alone

The goal for the expedition is to demonstrate that anything you set your mind to can become attainable. This project is meant to inspire and show that anyone, especially Veterans, can find their ‘why’ by tapping into the natural world around them to create a life that is not only abundant, but also fulfilling. We want to help Veterans find the right coping tools to combat thoughts of suicide and feelings of depression. Whether it’s a walk in the park or a trek across the Arctic, an individual is empowered to take the first step, and we are here to help by demonstrating it ourselves.

Individuals especially veterans can find their own adventure and maybe go look for these journals and write their story as to what led them to find these treasures, and to share their story. Maybe those stories will touch the mind, and soul of an individual who is contemplating taking his or her own life because they feel isolated, and neglected. We can share and shape the world that exists by providing a source of inspiration, and motivation.

cause-7 The ‘You Are Not Alone Project’ is focusing on getting people engaged in the outdoors as a form of therapy and healing. We want to motivate people to get outside and explore themselves by exploring and discovering the natural world, and in turn sharing their experiences with others. We want to engage people to share in living a happy and fulfilling life.

I am cycling solo from Mexico to the Arctic Circle in Alaska, climbing the highest mountain in North America and cycling back home to Prescott, Arizona. I want to spread the love of adventure, and show the world how exploration saved my life, and how it could save theirs. I want to spread the knowledge and information about Veteran specific resources that can help those who need it find the coping skills, and develop the positive mentality needed to push themselves forward and out of the spiral of depression and suicide.These journals are designed to be the start of an adventure, the start of self-discovery and exploration, and the start of finding a passion that will lead to a better existence for the planet as a whole.


For more information please visit the Destination Denali blog here.