BIO: Glenn Coopey

Started out in the Air Force in 1968 as a medic with assignments in Turkey, Louisiana, Vietnam and Thailand.

Got out to go to school, after a year and a half decided to go back to the service. The Air Force put me into Security Police. Had assignments in Arizona, Turkey and Spain. Thought I should finish my degree work and got out again.

The government paid for an AA and BS degrees. While I was doing this I was a member of the Air Force Reserve.

In 1984 I transferred from the Reserve to the Arizona Air National Guard and spent my last 10 years on active duty as an AGR Security Police Supervisor. During that period the government also paid for my Masters Degree.

After retiring from active duty I spend 10 years teaching Air Force JROTC in High School.

As you may think, I’m an advocate of higher education for Veterans. I’ve been a DAV Life Member since 1996 and I am pleased to say I am a Chapter Service Office.